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Frequency Performance
Billboards: various (Imbani Advertsing)
Taxi Branding (Imbani Advertising)
5 FM
Adlites Directional Advertising (Primedia Outdoors)
Aerial Advertising (In Touch Media)
African Independent
Afro Voice
Airport Media: various (Alliance Media)
Airport TV (In Touch Media)
Billboard : Brandmarks Pillar (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard : Lightboxes (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard : Scrolling (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 1m x 12m Digital (Connect Media Advertising)
Billboard 3m x 12m (Imbani Advertising)
Billboard 3m x 12m (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 3m x 6m LED Digital (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 48 sheet Landscape (JCDecaux)
Billboard 48 Sheet Square (JCDecaux)
Billboard 4m x 8m LED Digital (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 6m x 4m Portrait (JCDecaux)
Billboard 6m x 4m Portrait (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 6m x 6m Square (JCDecaux)
Billboard 7.5m x 5m Portrait (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 96 sheet Landscape (JCDecaux)
Billboard 9m x 6m Portrait (JCDecaux)
Billboard 9m x 6m Portrait (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard: 1.5m x 3m (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard: 1.8x6m (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard: 9m x 36m (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboards: 1.5m x 3m (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboards: 1.8m x 6m (Primedia Outdoors)
Billboards: 12m x 9m (Primedia Outdoors)
Billboards: 3m x 6m (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboards: 7.5m x 5m Portrait (In Touch Media)
Billboards: Digital Various (In Touch Media)
Billboards: Mega Wrap (Connect Media Advertising)
Billboards: Various (Boons Media)
Branding Boards (Megavision)
Building Wraps (Wideopen)
Bus Branding (In Touch Media)
Bus Branding (Primedia Outdoors)
Bus Shelters (Boons Media)
Bus Shelters (Primedia Outdoors)
Business Day
Business Day: Appointments & Tenders
Business Day: Business Law & Tax Review
Business Day: Motor News
Business Day: Wanted
City Press
City Press: #trending
Contagious Innovations (JCDecaux)
Digipods (JCDecaux)
Digital Escalator Messaging (JCDecaux)
Directional Signs (JCDecaux)
Financial Mail: Investors Monthly
Gantry (In Touch Media)
Gantry (JCDecaux)
Innovative Advertising (Primedia Outdoor)
LED/TV (Primedia Outdoor)
Light Boxes (MegaVision)
Litter Bins (JCDecaux)
Mail & Guardian
Metro FM
Mobile Trailer Branding (In Touch Media)
Plasma Screens (JCDecaux)
ProActive (Provantage)
Radio 2000
Rapport: Beleef
Rapport: Weekliks
RSG: Radio Sonder Grense
Soccer Laduma
Street Pole Ads (Adreach)
Street Poles (Boons Media)
Sunday Independent, The
Sunday Times
Sunday Times: Business Times
Sunday Times: Business Times: Money
Sunday Times: Fashion
Sunday Times: Lifestyle Magazine
Sunday Times: Lifestyle Motoring
Sunday Times: Travel
Supersign Landscape 3m x 12m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 3m x 18m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 4.5m x 18m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 4m x 10m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 4m x 12m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 4m x 16m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 5m x 20m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 8m x 24m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 8m x 32m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait 10m x 8m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait 12m x 9m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait 6m x 4m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait 9m x 5m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait 9m x 6m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait: 6m x 4.7m (JCDecaux)
Taxi Branding (Boons Media)
Taxi Branding (Primedia Outdoor)
Taxi Buses (SP Media)
Taxi Rank Branding (Primedia Outdoor)
Transit Ads (Provantage)
Transit TV (Provantage)
Wall & Pillar Wraps (In Touch Media)
Wall & Pillar Wraps (Primedia Outdoors)
Wall Murals ( Boons Media)
Wraps (JCDecaux)