Press Release
30 July 2018 
GIBS’ Acumen magazine takes home gold at the 2018 International Tabbie Awards

After a successful 2017 Tabbie Awards Result for Contact Media and Communications’ Afropolitan Magazine last year, the dynamic and custom publishing house is at it again, taking Gold in the Tabbie Awards Best Single Issue Category for their custom B2B title Acumen Magazine. 

The Trade Association of Business Publications International (TABPI) unveiled the 2018 Tabbie Awards winners this week, judging from a pool of 400 nominations from around the world. The Tabbies most highlighted category is that of the Top 25 Best Single Issue Category, in which publications are judged based on both editorial content and design, taking a comprehensive look at magazines from cover to cover. 

Acumen magazine acts as the mouthpiece of the University of Pretoria's Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). The title curates content that is both significant, stimulating and relevant to a high-end corporate market which includes past, present and future alumni of the acclaimed institute which holds the position of Africa’s top-ranked Executive MBA programme by the esteemed UK Financial Times in its 2018 Executive Education ranking. The title also acts as a fantastic B2B publication appealing to top business executives across South Africa, the African continent and internationally.

Besides achieving the honour of Gold first place in the Best Single-Issue Category, Contact Media and Communications’ Afropolitan magazine was also given special mention in the Cover Design Category for its exclusive 50th anniversary edition. Contact Media and Communications takes pride in its tailor-made approach to content creation across numerous platforms, which has now catapulted them into the international spotlight. 

 “I’m thrilled and delighted at the Award, which is a tribute to the strength of our writers, photographers and the design team. Just as important, it’s also a tribute to GIBS, which has backed the magazine from inception, demanding the highest quality content but providing the means to make that happen. In a very fragile media environment, it’s extremely gratifying to see this formula working.” − Chris Gibbons, editor of Acumen magazine

“As a team we are extremely proud that our work has been acknowledged on the international stage and that we walked away with gold. We would like to acknowledge the team that played such a big part in this achievement and the hundreds of publications that competed. “ − Sean Press, CEO at Contact Media and Communications

“It was always GIBS’ intention to produce a world class business journal that is on par with leading international publications, this accolade is an affirmation that we are indeed on the right track. Kudos to the whole team” − Luleka Mtongana, GIBS Communications Manager and Acumen Magazine Managing Editor 

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