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Frequency Performance
Activations (Provantage)
Airport Ads (Provantage)
ATM Screens (SP Media)
Banner: MegalFlex Hanging System (MegaVision)
Beach Umbrella Branding (Tractor Outdoor)
Billboard : Brandmarks Pillar (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard : Lightboxes (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard Large: 10x8m portrait (JCDecaux)
Billboard Large: 3x18m (JCDecaux)
Billboard Large: 4x10m (JCDecaux)
Billboard Large: 4x12m (JCDecaux)
Billboard Large: 4x16m (JCDecaux)
Billboard Large: 7.5x5m portrait (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard Large: 9x5m portrait (JCDecaux)
Billboard Large: 9x6m portrait (JCDecaux)
Billboard Large: 9x6m portrait (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard Medium: 12x3m (96 sheet): illuminated (Ad Outpost)
Billboard Medium: 3x12m (96 sheet) (JCDecaux)
Billboard Medium: 3x12m (96 sheet) (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard Medium: 3x12m (96 sheet) Citilite: illuminated (JCDecaux)
Billboard Medium: 3x6m (48 sheet) (JCDecaux)
Billboard Medium: 3x6m (48 sheet) (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard Medium: 3x6m (48 sheet) Citilite: illuminated (JCDecaux)
Billboard Medium: 3x6m (48 sheet): illuminated (Ad Outpost)
Billboard Medium: 4.5x4.5m (48 sheet square) (JCDecaux)
Billboard Medium: 6x4m portrait (JCDecaux)
Billboard Medium: 6x4m portrait (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard Medium: 6x6m square (JCDecaux)
Billboard Medium: 6x6m square: illuminated (JCDecaux)
Billboard Small: 1.5x3m (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard Small: 1.8x6m store fascia (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard Small: 3.5x2.7m MegaBanner (Megavision)
Billboard Spectacular: 12x9m portrait (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard Spectacular: 12x9m portrait: illuminated (JCDecaux)
Billboard Spectacular: 4.5x18m: illuminated (Ad Outpost)
Billboard Spectacular: 4.5x18m: illuminated (JCDecaux)
Billboard Spectacular: 5x20m: illuminated (JCDecaux)
Billboard Spectacular: 8x24m: illuminated (JCDecaux)
Billboard Spectacular: 8x32m: illuminated (JCDecaux)
Billboards: various (Tractor Outdoor)
Billboards: various (vanTill)
Bridge Gantry (JCDecaux)
Building Wrap (JCDecaux)
Building Wraps (Tractor Outdoor)
Building Wraps (Wideopen)
Burger Oos, Die (Fri)
Burger Oos, Die: Naweek (Fri)
Burger, Die: Fri (Linked)
Bus Advertising (Tractor Outdoor)
Bus Shelters (Primedia Outdoor)
Business Lounge Media (Boo! Media)
Construction Wraps (Wideopen)
Contagious Innovations (JCDecaux)
Daily Dispatch
Daily Sun
Digipods (JCDecaux)
Digital Billboard: 3x6m LED Digital (Primedia Outdoor)
Digital Billboard: 4x8m (Primedia Outdoor)
Digital Billboards: various (JCDecaux)
Digital Escalator Messaging (JCDecaux)
Digital Screens (Tractor Outdoor)
Digital: In Store Media (Woolworths)
Directional Signs (JCDecaux)
Eastern Cape Industrial & Business News
Express: King William's Town
Express: Mid-Karoo
Hanging Banners: External (Boo! Media)
Herald, The
Ilanga LangeSonto
Ilanga: Impilo
Innovative Advertising (Primedia Outdoor)
Isolezwe lesiXhosa
Izimvo Zabantu (People's Opinion)
Landmark Billboards (Tractor Outdoor)
LED/TV (Primedia Outdoor)
Litter Bins (JCDecaux)
MegaBoard: Indoor (MegaVision)
Megaboard: Outdoor (MegaVision)
MegaLites (MegaVision)
Parking Booms (Tractor Outdoor)
Plasma Screens (JCDecaux)
Pole Wraps (Boo! Media)
Poster: MegaPaves (MegaVision)
Poster: MegaStatic (MegaVision)
Saturday Dispatch
Shelf Signs: Branding Boards (MegaVision)
Shelf Signs: LightBoxes (MegaVision)
Son (Linked)
Son Op Sondag
Street Pole Ads (Adreach)
Street Pole: Adlites (Primedia Outdoor)
Sunday Sun
Sunday Sun: SunBuzz
Taxi Branding (Primedia Outdoor)
Taxi Buses (SP Media)
Taxi Rank Branding (Primedia Outdoor)
Taxi Times
Transit Ads (Provantage)
Transit TV (Provantage)
Vehicle Branding (Salt)
Wall Murals ( Boons Media)
Wall Murals (Atisa Communications)
Weekend Post