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  • 2013-11-13 Existing mediums new to Media Manager website of magazine (Titan Publications)
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Last updated 2017-06-30

Truck & Bus

Featured Media
Type Value Period
Truck & Bus ABC 4,001 2017-07-01 to 2017-09-30
Who's Who in Trucks & Buses Claimed print 8,000 2011-08-01

  • Additional print opportunity: Aftermarket Guide, April & August. Refer ratecard for rates.
  • Additional print opportunity: SABOA Bus, Mar, Jun, Sep, Nov. Refer ratecard for rates.
  • RSS feed: available ex website.

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Covers the truck, bus and trailer industry, provides news, components, a list of contacts, history and a price guide. Plus promotes the magazine. 
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Last checked 2017-06-30
Last updated 2013-11-13

Decision makers for the running and operation of truck and bus fleets (5 ton units and upwards) in transport associations, fleet operators, Government departments, utilities, municipalities and associated industries. 
Period 2013-11-01 -
Last checked 2017-06-30
Last updated 2013-11-13

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Last checked 2017-06-30
Last updated 2013-11-13

Effective Status Rate type Currency VAT% Comm.% Original % Change
2018-01-01 Standard rates ZAR 0.00 16.500 38Kb
2017-01-01 Standard rates ZAR 0.00 16.500 88Kb
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Home page/Run of site Banner
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  • Advertising - Key adv. contact
    • Sales & Circulations Manager

  • Advertising - Sales
    • Sales & Circulations Manager

  • Editorial - Key decision maker
    • Publisher/Editor

  • Editorial - Transport
    • Publisher/Editor

  • Management - Publisher
    • Publisher/Editor