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Key Updates
  • 2013-11-26 Existing mediums new to Media Manager website promoting Accountancy SA, providing accountancy related articles (Chartered Accountants, SA Inst of)
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Accountancy SA/SAICA

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Type Value Period Claimed: Unique browsers/month 33,000 2015-01-01 -
ASA (Accountancy SA) Digital Magazine ABC 76,063
SAICAs CA World Claimed: Per send 42,900 2018-01-01 -

  • Website: Tax Suite: tax related website. Members only.
  • Website: organisation: SAICA members website, accepts advertising, refer to ratecard.

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YouTube 2,034 23 hours ago
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2019-01-01 Standard rates 0.00 16.500 ZAR 2019-05-02 391Kb
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Key Updates
Official website of SA Inst. of Chartered Accountants. Promotes magazine and contains current and previous issues, features developments in the accountancy profession and business world. Plus technical features on accounting, auditing and taxation issues. 
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Current and prospective members of SA Inst. of Chartered Accountants. 
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2019-01-01 Standard rates ZAR 0.00 16.500 2Mb
2018-01-01 Standard rates ZAR 0.00 16.500 7Mb
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