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Type Value Period
Rooi Rose ABC 61,685 Effective Measure: Website 104,324 2018-05-01 - 2018-05-31

  • Forum: Readers' Forum. Available ex website.
  • Mobile: available, refer to ratecard.
  • Newsletter: available ex website. Carries advertising, refer to ratecard.
  • Newsletter: Cooking newsletter. Available ex website.
  • Newsletter: promotional: available, refer to ratecard.
  • Reader club: Book Club. Available ex website.
  • Social media campaigns: available, refer to ratecard.

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Facebook 73,423 4 days ago
Instagram 17,623 2 days ago
Twitter 18,212 2 days ago
YouTube 148 2 days ago
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2019-01-01 Standard rates 0.00 0.000 ZAR 2019-03-05 190Kb
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Facebook Standard Post
Facebook Video Post
Facebook Share
Facebook Live
Facebook Poll
Facebook Ad Spend
Facebook Video Ad Spend
Instagram Single Image
Instagram Multiple Image
Instagram Story
Instagram Ad Spend
Twitter Standard Tweet
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