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Featured Media
Type Value Period
Drive Out/Weg Ry ABC 25,013 2016-04-01 - 2016-06-30
Weg! Platteland/Go! Platteland ABC 35,424 2015-07-01 - 2016-06-30
Weg!/Go! ABC: E&A 55,330 2016-04-01 - 2016-06-30
Weg!/Go! Newsletter Claimed: Per send 19,338 2013-05-01 Effective Measure: Website 25,983 2015-09-01 - 2015-09-30
WegSleep ABC 24,360 2016-04-01 - 2016-06-30

  • Brand extension: Namibia: rates per main body, refer ratecard.
  • Brand extension: Kuierkos: rates per main body, refer ratecard.
  • Brand extension: Photography: rates per main body, refer ratecard.
  • Mobile: mobi adaptations. Carries advertising, refer to ratecard.
  • Newsletter: promotional: available, details on application.
  • Social media campaigns: available, details on application.
  • Website: promotes subscriptions to title.

Social Media
Followers Last Active
Facebook WegRy Facebook account. 26,472 1 day ago
Facebook DriveOut Facebook account. 3,950 1 month ago
Facebook WegSleep Facebook account. 34,112 1 day ago
Facebook Go! Platteland Facebook account. 5,696 4 days ago
Facebook Weg! Facebook account. 81,518 1 day ago
Facebook Go! Facebook account. 8,837 1 week ago
Instagram Weg! Instagram account. 4,057 2 days ago
Instagram Go! Instagram account. 1,765 1 week ago
Pinterest Weg! Pinterest account.
Twitter Go! Twitter account.
Twitter WegRy Twitter account.
Twitter DriveOut Twitter account.
Twitter WegSleep Twitter account.
Twitter Go! Platteland Twitter account.
Twitter Weg! Twitter account.
YouTube Weg!Go! YouTube account. 65 1 week ago
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