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Frequency Performance
Action Sport A0 Snapper Frame (SP Media)
Action Sport A4 Snapper Frame (SP Media)
Action Sport Wallwraps (SP Media)
Adlites Directional Advertising (Primedia Outdoors)
Airport Ads (Provantage)
Airport TV (Provantage)
Algoa FM
Bay FM
Billboard : Brandmarks Pillar (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard : Lightboxes (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 3m x 12m (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 3m x 6m LED Digital (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 48 sheet Landscape (JCDecaux)
Billboard 48 Sheet Square (JCDecaux)
Billboard 4m x 5m LED Digital (Connect Media Advertising)
Billboard 4m x 8m LED Digital (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 6m x 4m Portrait (JCDecaux)
Billboard 6m x 4m Portrait (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 6m x 6m Square (JCDecaux)
Billboard 7.5m x 5m Portrait (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard 96 sheet Landscape (JCDecaux)
Billboard 9m x 6m Portrait (JCDecaux)
Billboard 9m x 6m Portrait (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard: 1.5m x 3m (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboard: 1.8x6m (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboards: 12m x 9m (Primedia Outdoors)
Billboards: 3m x 6m (Primedia Outdoor)
Billboards: customised (Tractor Outdoor)
Billboards: Various (Boons Media)
Billboards: various (Kena Media)
Building Wraps (Tractor Outdoor)
Burger Oos, Die (Fri)
Burger Oos, Die: Naweek (Fri)
Burger, Die: Fri (Linked)
Bus Advertising (Tractor Outdoor)
Bus Branding (Primedia Outdoors)
Bus Shelters (Boons Media)
Bus Shelters (Primedia Outdoors)
Business Lounge Media (Boo! Media)
Cab Advertising (Tractor Outdoor)
Car Branding (Salt)
Citilite 3m x 6m (JCDecaux)
Citilite Square 6m x 6m (JCDecaux)
Citilite XL 3m x 12m (JCDecaux)
Contagious Innovations (JCDecaux)
Daily Sun
Digipods (JCDecaux)
Digital Escalator Messaging (JCDecaux)
Digital Screens (Tractor Outdoor)
Directional Signs (JCDecaux)
Escalator Wraps (Boo! Media)
Express: Port Elizabeth
Express: UD
Gantries (Kena Media)
Gantry (JCDecaux)
Herald, The
Home Food & Travel
HOMEMAKERSfair: Port Elizabeth
Innovative Advertising (Primedia Outdoor)
Isolezwe lesiXhosa
Jeffreys Bay Courant
Kingfisher FM
Landmark Billboards (Tractor Outdoor)
LED/TV (Primedia Outdoor)
Litter Bins (JCDecaux)
Lotus FM
Mobile Billboards (Vibrant Direct)
Nkqubela FM (KQ FM)
Parking Booms (Tractor Outdoor)
Plasma Screens (JCDecaux)
ProActive (Provantage)
Son Op Sondag
Son: Oos
St. Francis Chronicle
Street Pole Ads (Adreach)
Street Poles (Boons Media)
Street Poles (Vibrant Direct)
Sunday Sun
Sunday Sun: SunBuzz
Supersign Landscape 3m x 12m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 3m x 18m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 4.5m x 18m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 4m x 10m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 4m x 16m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 5m x 20m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Landscape 8m x 24m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait 10m x 8m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait 12m x 9m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait 6m x 4m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait 9m x 5m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait 9m x 6m (JCDecaux)
Supersign Portrait: 6m x 4.7m (JCDecaux)
Taxi Branding (Boons Media)
Taxi Branding (Primedia Outdoor)
Taxi Buses (SP Media)
Taxi Rank Branding (Primedia Outdoor)
Transit Ads (Provantage)
Transit TV (Provantage)
Umbrella Branding (Tractor Outdoor)
Umhlobo Wenene
Wall & Pillar Wraps (Primedia Outdoors)
Wall Murals ( Boons Media)
Wedding & Function: Eastern Cape
Weekend Post
Weekend Post: Neighbourhood: Port Elizabeth
Wraps (JCDecaux)