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Key Updates
  • 2015-11-06 Existing mediums new to Media Manager online expression of Art Africa ((Art South Africa)
Last checked 2019-08-20
Last updated 2019-10-23

Art Africa

Featured Media
Type Value Period
Art Africa (Print edition) Claimed circulation 3,000 2019-06-01
Art Africa Weekly Newsletter Claimed: Per send 15,000 2019-06-01 -
Art Africa: Collector Carrying title 3,000 2017-01-01 Claimed: Unique browsers/month 20,000 2018-12-01 -

  • Digital edition: Monthly, separate to print edition. Carries advertising, rates included in print edition.
  • Events, exhibitions: presence at local and international art fairs.
  • Newsletter: promotional: available, refer ratecard.

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Followers Last Active
Facebook accepts paid-for posts. Refer ratecard. 109,335 1 month ago
Instagram accepts paid-for posts. Refer ratecard. 9,416 5 days ago
Twitter accepts paid-for posts. Refer ratecard. 72,321 2 weeks ago
YouTube accepts paid-for posts. Refer ratecard. 582 9 months ago
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Social Rates
Effective Date Status Type VAT Comm. Comments Currency Announce Date PDF
2019-06-01 unchanged to 2020/03/01 Standard rates 0.00 0.000 ZAR 2019-10-22 3Mb
Type Position Condition Amount
Instagram Package
Package Standard Post
Package Standard Post
Package Live
Package Package
Package Package

Key Updates
Showcases contemporary art from Africa and the diaspora. 
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  • Online Display
  • Sponsorship
  • Popups
  • Text Links
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  • Interstitials
  • Floaters
  • Press Offices

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  • News Features
  • Directory
  • Search
  • Advertorial
  • Blog
  • Games
  • Ecommerce
  • User Content
  • Forums
Last checked 2019-08-20
Last updated 2015-11-05

Artists, curators, collectors and art-world decision makers. 
Period 2018-12-01 -
Unique browsers/month
Last checked 2019-08-20
Last updated 2019-01-21

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Material Advertising
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Material Sponsorship
Last checked 2019-08-20
Last updated 2015-11-05

Advertising Materials

Last checked 2019-08-20

Effective Status Rate type Currency VAT% Comm.% Original % Change
2019-06-01 Standard rates ZAR 0.00 0.000 3Mb
2018-12-01 Standard rates ZAR 0.00 0.000 2Mb
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Home page Leaderboard
Home page Advertorial: native adv.
Home page/Run of site Rich media: video ads
Sections Rectangle: medium
Sections 1/2 page
  • Advertising - Key adv. contact
    • Advertising/Business Relations

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    • Advertising/Business Relations

  • Editorial - Arts
    • Editor-in-Chief

  • Editorial - Key decision maker
    • Editor-in-Chief

  • Management - Marketing
    • Advertising/Business Relations